Jeffrey Boccaccio

About Jeffrey Boccaccio

Jeffrey Boccaccio, President of DPL Labs, is the founder of numerous companies in the Consumer Electronics Industry, ranging from engineering to manufacturing through to product certification. At the beginning of the Digital transition, Jeff was a member of the CEA High Definition Standards Committee. He has become one of the industry’s foremost experts on high-bandwidth digital signalling solutions such as HDMI technology. With the introduction of the HDMI interface many failures were occurring. Jeff created DPL (Digital Performance Labs) to help the HDMI community overcome these failures. Established as the first HDMI digital performance testing and certification service, the DPL Seal of Approval Program employs proprietary certification criteria. The DPL mark is only applied to products that exceed current industry standards. DPL approved products assure consistency and reliability of HDMI performance in the field. Jeff is a highly sought after keynote presenter who speaks on all things HDMI, and consumer electronics in general. Jeff supports the industry via public appearances, webinars and as a regular contributor for leading industry magazines. As the industry’s foremost champion of the HDMI interface Jeff wrote and published “HDMI Uncensored - Inside HDMI”. Jeff’s book is recognized by HDMI product manufacturers and installers as the go to reference manual on HDMI.
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