DPL Labs® is the only Test and Measurement Laboratory in the world capable of conducting these types of sophisticated high-speed digital compliance tests. Now, with the introduction of 8K and 10K resolutions, an entirely new set of standards and methodologies had to be designed to allow producers an avenue to manufacture and sell high-performance products while still maintaining reliability.

Over a decade DPL Labs® extensive participation in these areas drove Test and Measurement to levels never before utilized. The addition of historical test data and case studies elevated these test procedures to reduce interoperability conditions.

In addition, DPL Labs® capitalizes on its close alliance with each client understanding their business model prerequisites including product offerings, unique specifications, budgeting, and ROI. Product specifics can be introduced by way of types of materials, jacketing, metallurgy, and shielding techniques.

Over DPL Labs® 10 year history in this field it discovered a wide dynamic of talent levels from each of its clients. Some are more focused on Research and Development while others may be more versed in the engineering itself. Still, others share some of these attributes but tend to focus more on sales and marketing. DPL Labs® is staffed with talent that can provide support for almost any of these areas allowing each producer to have unlimited resource abilities outside of their main focus region.

As a third-party test and measurements firm DPL Labs® has complete control over test content and procedures that allow its power to shift on a dime when new problematic anomalies are discovered. Every time a discovery is identified DPL Labs® participants are notified and are encouraged to take the necessary steps to fix or adapt to each issue. DPL Labs® is there to assist each client through these challenges with each identified issue.

An entirely new suite of test equipment had to be evaluated and sampled to challenge each brand’s instrumentation offering with operating envelopes to a near 50Gbps testing environment. Evaluating equipment at this level is not like evaluating a television display. At these higher speeds, the equipment has to perform not only at record-breaking speeds but must be able to support individual test functions far beyond test processes in the past. This took years of research due to these new wide dynamics of test functions, many that never even existed before and required newly designed test processes requiring customized software and fixture interfaces. The need for an accelerated test environment became just as important as the tests themselves when considering the number of individual tests required. Here, with better than 75 individual tests, time becomes crucial. DPL Labs® testing procedures at these levels and quantities form a huge computation of values and data particular to each Device Under Test (DUT). It delivers a portrayal of each device. Every test requires a high level of scrutiny to be able to understand the entire story of each (DUT). The faster a test operator can move through these procedures the less expansive the test becomes. This eventually trickles down to the cost of each product where now lab time becomes paramount. Adapting from the old school of testing at a discrete test sequence DPL Labs® new Test At a Glance reporting software provides immediate waveform responses for each operator. This walks hand in hand with an aggressive recruiting campaign for the finest digital engineers available. DPL Labs® is committed to excellence in conducting the finest and most accurate tests possible.

How Does DPL Labs® Do it?

DPL Labs® uses only the latest state-of-the-art digital test instrumentation. DPL Labs® test engineers have worked closely with leading test equipment manufacturers contributing to an updated laboratory beyond any High-Speed Video testing laboratory and manufacture. Now, with the onset of data rates increasing from 18Gbps to close to 50Gbps test instruments have to take on an entirely new form with customized generators, oscilloscopes, power supplies, spectrum analyzers, and software with input/output capabilities better than 200Gbps and high-resolution sampling that provides a level of resolution rarely found in many oscilloscope response characteristics.

With the advent of active cables, including cable drivers and optical solutions, a newly designed custom power test process enters into this critical category with more and more products turning to active solutions requiring power. These power requirements are tight and must be adhered to.

Lastly, a complex signal sampling is introduced to verify that both input and output signal conditions on active devices are within the dynamic limit environments discovered in typical field applications. These levels must be maintained to levels down to a tenth of a volt to have any chance of operating in the real world of active digital video.

Low-Speed data analysis procedures are refreshed with new software-enabled generators and oscilloscopes capable of responding instantaneously as each DUT is introduced to the DPL Labs® test instrument suite while still producing the DUT’s reports in parallel with DPL Labs® At a Glance report software.

Based on extensive research by DPL engineers and lab technicians an exclusive suite of tests was designed– including proprietary testing algorithms used ONLY by DPL Labs – to test all necessary Digital Video performance parameters.

DPL Labs engineers include some of the most highly trained engineers in the electronics industry. As a leader in high-speed digital testing, DPL Labs engineers are continually investigating cutting-edge digital signaling technologies.

Success is a moving target! DPL Labs can test every potential configuration used in Digital Video products. But technology is always changing. For this reason, DPL Labs® tests are continually updated to reflect any changes in Digital Video standards along with in-field application issues that surface. DPL Labs® sees it and responds vigorously to identify, rectify, and alert its participants.

DPL Labs® testing routine has no peer in the consumer electronics industry, and it is incredibly rigorous. With its new test instrument suite, it still takes no less than 3 hours to complete the full suite of tests using its new 48G Reference Standard which includes its test analysis, detailed observations, focused comparison data and personalized Final Reports for each product submitted.