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System Integrators carry the most amount of weight when it comes to digital connectivity both in functionality and performance. Taxed with the responsibilities of product selection, installation, and customer support the integrators have the toughest job. Their knowledge base has to be extremely dynamic spanning every aspect of each system design including hardware, budgets, client expectations, construction challenges, and operation.

Time is money with no room for systems not meeting their design expectations. It all has to work and hopefully the first time. Compound that when dealing with a host of different manufacturers and products, integrators have little room for any unexpected anomalies to surface.

Integrator’s customers are important and when it comes to the Digital Video side of the installation systems have to be “Dialed In” with the necessary performance and precision to satisfy what integrators sell to their customers.

Fast Forward to 4K, 8K/10K

The rules become much more critical with higher data rates, more complex internal processing within the hardware, and long-distance applications. Additionally, 48G systems offer 3 very different video formats with all of them needing a specific requirement of performance to operate. With that, newer Digital Displays can “Self Correct” system operations but in doing so can decrease performance. To alleviate this occurrence systems will require pristine DPL certified product from one component to another or otherwise, it can hinder system performance.

DPL Labs® has become the Integrator “Lifeline”


DPL Labs® new 48G Reference Standard, specific to 2K,4K,8K, and 10K resolutions challenging each device to its maximum guaranteeing its necessary bandwidth and performance. By way of DPL Labs® new True Image™ test algorithms, each connected cable is stressed beyond its prescribed limits guaranteeing safe passage of all vital image signaling. This process allows each user to obtain P-O-M-G (Peace of Mind Guaranteed). Users will never have to be concerned about any resolution reduction within their display system. Each product that passes DPL Labs® 48G Reference Standard™ is awarded the prestigious DPL Labs® 48G Reference Standard™ Certification Label and will be found on each cable’s package. These sought-after labels are protected by encrypted information for each product’s identity and found on the DPL Labs® website under branded members certified products. It assures you of a product that will deliver the absolute best that any system requires.

By incorporating DPL Labs® exclusive Argumentative Matrix algorithms every possible combination of functionality is stress tested with recognized in-field failures and limitations. Passing through this test matrix awards each product an extended sense of security from “Plug and Pray “scenarios that may surface and Peace of Mind Guarantee.

This is where the tire meets the road in real-world applications. DPL Labs® extensive testing processes push each product to its published limits where each customer gets every drop of integrity a product has to offer.

Knowledge is POWER

For better than a decade DPL Labs® has been supplying the integrator market with publications in various industry magazines with system operation explanations, solutions for problems reported from the field, and the most recent developments in the technology. Publications such as CEPro, Wide Screen Review, Wired, and Connected. make up DPL Labs vast presence in your industry.

Even more detailed white papers are produced for the public and DPL Labs® members alike. Anyone can tap into this for guidance from DPL Labs® if needed. These papers are provided to integrators and can be used for better system configurations and knowledge specific to their huge contribution to the industry.

DPL Labs is also very active in webinars that each DPL Labs® members provide. These webinars have been widely accepted by all integrators and other publications that want to get the real facts about the interface.

Live presentations have always been one of the most successful forms of education ever practiced in the industry. There are scores of different presentations offered to each DPL Labs member that they can use in a live show environment, in factory tours, and in webinars.

Industry Experts

DPL Labs® has always been on the cutting edge of digital technology and in doing so requires a wide dynamic of skilled and talented engineers that work with DPL Labs® directly providing input and more advanced testing processes.

Application Engineers from all instrumentation companies are constantly inside DPL Labs® secured laboratory 3 stories in the air hauling up the latest in test instruments and continuing knowledge about the interface itself but also about what they have accomplished. This keeps DPL Labs in arms reach for any further test design guidance and engineering.

Many semiconductor companies (chip companies) are close colleagues with DPL Labs® for its wide test system dynamics, its litany of case study research, and evaluation board functional testing. It provides direct communication with the heart of most systems and allows DPL Labs® to fine-tune its test processes more accurately.

DPL Direct Mail Correspondence

DPL Labs® “Direct” mail coverage has also grown substantially allowing even more players in the industry to learn and respect what all the folks at DPL Labs® are up to. These are opt-in email services where a recipient must opt-in to read the alert. Anyone can send DPL Labs® an email asking for the mailing and opting for receiving future publications.

Use Only Products with the
DPL Labs® Certification Label!

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