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DPL Labs® Test and Measurement Company

We are an independent test laboratory recognized as an industry leader in testing and verifying High-Speed Digital Signaling devices such as USB, Display Port, HDMI, Lightning, and 1394. We live in a full digital communication environment where moving billions of digital instructions within fractions of a second has become the prevailing norm in many industries such as High-Definition Television, Radiology, Image Orbital Reconnaissance, Avionics, and Space Exploration to name just a few. As speeds increase, the level of integrity must be pursued for the utmost accuracy providing seamless applications for home, business, and science operations.

Due to historically high levels of uncertainty with these complex consumer products, typical test and measurement results do not offer the quality production yields that users face on a day-by-day basis. In fact, in some instances, digital video transmissions can be even more critical due to their speeds, wide dynamics of variables, and feature sets. Consumer video interface cable products are typically sold by way of off-the-shelf retail establishments or online services. Without any formal verification of their abilities can lead integrators and consumers to products that do not meet the critical standards necessary for expected performance and seamless operations. Most recently consumer video has been expanded to even higher resolutions beyond 2K,4K to 8K, and 10K.

This is a daunting transmission environment forcing the engineering and production of these products to a level of competency never achieved in the history of the consumer electronics industry. It is here where the need for a certified identification mark certification will protect systems from going into the dark.

DPL Labs® Certification Program was Developed Specifically
Maximum Performance and Minimal Risks.

With over a decade of experience working with these types of transmission lines, DPL Labs® continues to improve its test methodologies resulting in a lifeline for manufacturers, integrators, and consumers.

Recognizing these shortcomings DPL Labs® developed an entirely new test and measurement standard specific to these types of transmissions. Incorporating traditional High-Speed testing methods and combining these results with field malfunction data creates case studies that provide a snapshot of the health and well-being of the entire A/V system environment. These case studies provide a direct correlation between test limits and failures that can now be analyzed. This includes manufacturing inconsistencies, limited installation knowledge, test limit modifications, and a litany of additional tests not typically used for these types of test applications. From the initial HDTV release to the most current 8 and 10K systems the DPL Labs® 48G Reference Standard has now taken center stage.

DPL Labs® headquarters facility in Ormond Beach, FL has developed a world-class state-of-the-art digital test laboratory. This laboratory has become the most precise and critically accurate Digital Video product performance testing currently offered. Utilizing an exhaustive, multi-element testing regime, DPL Labs® engineers put all submitted products through an electronic torture test.

For those products that excel above and beyond the minimum DPL Labs® requirements, DPL Labs® awards their prestigious “DPL Labs® 48G certification label.” This label assures you of a product that will exceed your expectations in both performance and long-term reliability.

Only the best pass the test!