DPL Labs® Announces Release of the New 48G Reference Standard

Due to the major enhancements of the HDMI® interface with its latest revision, it became obvious that an entirely new DPL Labs® test platform be built specifically to keep ahead of this new 48Gbps video interface. This was a massive undertaking including two years of software development, customized 200Gbps instrumentation, upgraded report documentation, and many additional test procedures.

Testing is now underway with some members already having products that have passed DPL Labs® exhaustive 48G test standards. With that came discoveries spawning additional test methodologies for every new finding. Still today we are discovering anomalies that can have negative effects on the interface due to certain bandwidth limitations. As the DPL Labs® website is updated there will be pages devoted to many of these discoveries along with DPL Direct mailings to keep everyone on top of the most current news and discoveries.

The investment went way beyond our original expectations, but we stayed the course and are now capable of providing DPL Test Certification at levels never achieved in the history of High-Speed Digital Signaling. Test summaries and reports also went through major upgrades with data that many can use to refine members’ designs for even better performance.

In parallel with this DPL Labs® had to also develop an entirely new Seal of Approval process that not only announces to the world your achievements but also provides a mechanism protecting these assets that all of you successfully built and own.

For that, a high level of security had to be designed and built by way of working with several counterfeit protection firms to supply the necessary Certification label that cannot be copied, altered, or stolen from any DPL Members certified product. This task was almost as massive as the new test platform itself. Your investments must be protected while at the same time proudly announcing to the world your achievements.

To accomplish this everyday threat to the potential of IP theft a thorough investigation had to be executed and vetted. This includes anti-counterfeit procedures, encryption, customized Pantone graphics, and digital coding for every individual product. This was a daunting task with countless setbacks from Covid, supply chain limitations, and inventory management procedures.

Today we are here to announce that these efforts have finally passed into final review and implementation.

We are happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel and should be implementing the Certification Label within the next 30 days. We have attached the seals graphic.

We want to thank all of you for being patient as we built the new DPL Labs® 48G Test Standards Program. Should any of you have any further questions about DPL Labs 48G test program please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Be safe, stay well, and remember:

Only the Best Pass the Test!