DPL Labs, Inc.

DPL Labs® Introduces the First Digital Video High Speed Optical Input Sensitivity Testing

Ormond Beach, Florida Feb 2023

As fiber optical cables became more and more utilized for Digital Video transmission more interoperability issues surfaced causing systems to go into the dark when used with external set top boxes. This came into DPL Labs® research and development department and was assigned a case number starting a research product to find out why.

By way testing a wide range of set top boxes a small anomaly was discovered with these source box products. The input dynamic range of any active cable devices is limited and must be carefully engineered to allow for a variety of source devices. DPL Labs® crack research team found that the failures were due to some active fiber optical cable products did not have the necessary dynamic range to satisfy some source set top boxes. Although the set top boxes were within the required output limits, some active optical devices could not support the lower end of the dynamic input to their digital to optical converters. New limits were computed and entered into DPL Labs® Argumentative Matrix Test. This allows DPL Labs® automated instrumentation to sift out those products what would be classified as “High Risk” with their input dynamic range.