DPL Labs, Inc.

AVPro Edge Bullet Train HDMI High-Speed is the FIRST Active Optical Cable to Pass DPL Labs® 48G Reference Standard!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Jan 2023

With the challenges of data rates now reaching 48Gbps Active Optical Cables will become a major asset for custom installers for HDMI. 2 of AVPro Edges Bullet Train HDMI AOC (AC-BTSSF-10K-10/ AC-BTSSF-10K-15 ) were the first in this category to pass through DPL Labs® latest Stressed Induced test procedures which includes DPL Labs® arduous Argumentative Matrix process with the addition of DPL Labs® New True Image Testing feature.

In addition, Bullet Train also passed one of the most difficult tests for AOC video transmission cables and that is Radiated Emissions. Known as CISPR 32 this new multimedia Radiated Emissions Tests were designed specifically for residential home multimedia applications. This is a mandatory requirement for all HDMI 48G video cables.

Congratulations to AV Pro Edge’s Bullet Train! AVPro-Edge-Logo