New DPL Website Launched – Lets Go Site Seeing!

DPL Labs® is proud to announce that its new updated Website has gone live! It’s simpler, faster, and more informative allowing a vast number of users an experience to understand and learn more about the importance of quality-assured digital video cable products, field application awareness, integrator assistance, and consumer support. Its designed structure and navigation have been transformed into a value-packed resource library detailing the steps that must be taken for a cable product to achieve a DPL Labs® Certified 48G Reference Standard Mark. This includes:

  • Easy to find Certified High-Speed Digital Video cable products posted with easy-to-use navigation, and resolution limits.
  • Detailed descriptions of DPL Labs® 48G Reference Standard Test Platform
  • An expanded Argumentative Matrix test algorithm including the most current 48G case study findings and test solutions
  • Technical description for Time and Frequency Domain Test processes necessary to verify and insure Products’ High-Speed capabilities.
  • The importance of ancillary support channels that make up the interface such as DDC CEC.
  • A better understanding of the pros and cons of Link Training.
  • New Link Training test processes used with DPL Labs® new True ImageTest Platform.
  • News and Insights with articles, white papers, and the most current news frequently uploaded.

Taking better than 2 years to accomplish, the DPL Labs® 48G Reference Standard Test Platform has it all with now better than 72 individual tests all utilizing DPL Labs® new customized instrumentation and automation increasing speed and accuracy. We are proud to have finally been able to get both the new 48G Program and DPL Labs® new Web site launched. You are invited to visit and when you do please sign up for DPL Labs ongoing updates and news by way of the DPL Direct newsletter series.

Only the Best Pass the Test